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Dr. S. K. Sinha – Excellence in Minimally Access Heart Surgery

Dr. S. K. Sinha is currently Senior Director at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket having special interest in – Minimal access for ASD, MVR, AVR, LA myxomasAortic dissection, aneurysm, bullet and stab injury to great vessels, Operating Aortic Aneurysms and Managing Minimally Invasive Program & Total Arterial Grafts for CABG on beating heart.


36 Years Of Expertise

Most Trusted Name in Cardiology

36 years in Cardiac Surgery provided him an opportunity to amass rich and varied experience of more than nine thousand cases.


Excellence In Minimally Invasive 

Trained Several Cardiac Surgeons

Industrious approach at providing cost effective cardiac surgery without comprising quality


More than 20,000 Cardiac Surgeries

100% Successful Surgeries

He had to perform both as administrative leader and clinical mentor; sharing knowledge, and honing the skills of future cardiac surgeons.

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery has become so common today that most of the people would be knowing....

Ventricular remodeling surgery also known as ventricular reconstruction surgery is performed to repair the....

Valvular Heart Disease is still very common in our country. Most of these are due to Rheumatic Heart....

Our heart beats continuously from the day one is born to his death. The heart beat sometimes may....

Aortic Aneurysm is the term for any swelling of the aorta 1.5 times more than the normal size....

Dr S K Sinha with his team routinely doing vascular surgery wherein he involve based on the condition....

Years of Experience
Heart Surgeries
Minimal Access Cardiac Surgery

Media Coverage

Information for Patients

Thanks to Dr Sinha and his team for conducting flawless Heart Valve Surgery and saving my life. Post Valve Heart Surgery care given to me was amazing; especially humane touch by Dr Sinha..
Mrs Poonam Gupta
I want to convey my special gratitude to Dr Sinha for advising & conducting timely Heart Bypass Surgery of mine & thanks him & his team for all care given to me & my family during my stay at hospital..
Deepak Singh
I had major heart problem with multiple blockages; thanks to Dr Sinha for meticulous minimally invasive heart bypass surgery performed on me & giving me a new life. God bless you Dr Sinha.
Hardeep Singh
My daughter was having by birth heart defect (hole in heart) & doctors advice us immediate heart surgery. We convey our special thanks to Dr Sinha for performing successful surgery & giving best care.
Baby Meena